How do I control the MiLights?


How do I get a MiLight Wifi box?


Where do I get the app for controlling the MiLights?


How many phones can I use for controlling my MiLights?

You can use an unlimited number of phones to control the MiLights, as long as they all have downloaded the MiLight app of course.

What is a zone?

A zone is an area. With your remote control or smart phone you can control different areas in your house. So your dining table can be a different area than where you watch TV, so with MiLight you can switch off the lights above your dining table but change the color in the TV area to blue at the same time.

Can I rename the zones in the MiLight app?

Yes, hold the zone button for 2 seconds and you can rename for instance ‘zone 1’ into ‘dining’

What if I already have a wall mounted dimmer switch?

First of all you can’t dim the MiLights with the wall mounted dimmer. Make sure your wall mounted dimmer switch remains at maximum and dim the MiLights with your remote control or smart phone.

In what type of light sockets are the MiLight bulbs available?

MiLights bulbs come in Bayonet B22, Edison screw E26/E27, E14 small screw and GU10 socket fittings. MiLights can also be used with adapters and converters from 1 type of socket to another.

How do I install the MiLight bulbs?

First of all we advise you to think ahead what zones you want to have in your house. You will appreciate that you can control different zones. So if you want the 2 lights above the dining table to be zone 1 then screw in the MiLight bulb, switch on the electricity and press 3 times on zone 1 on the remote control to pair that light with the remote control. After pairing you will see the bulb blink 3 times as a confirmation that it has been paired. Switch off the electricity, screw in the second MiLight bulb, switch on the electricity and press 3 times on zone 1 again. After the 3 times blinking confirmation both lights are assigned to zone 1.

How do I uninstall the MiLight bulbs?

If you switch on the lights in your zone and press 5 times on that zone button on your remote control then you will see the light bulb blink 10 times and go back to 1 color again as a confirmation that it has been unpaired with your remote control. Repeat this for the other bulbs in that zone. After unpairing all the lights you can use them again in any other setting.

Can MiLight lights work without Remote Control or APP?

No, they cannot. You need to control them with the Remote Control or the APP from your phone. Once set they remember last setting and work from that point in tie with the wall mounted switch. For change of color or brightness you need the Remote control or APP.

Can I use multiple Remote Control sets in one house?

Yes you can pair the same MiLights to different Remote Control eg. One Remote Control you take to the bedroom and you are able to switch all lights off from there including other rooms besides the bedroom.

Can a Wall Mounted Remote Panel (B4/T4) work with Mobile Remote Controller?

Often people have a Wall Mounted Panel mounted in every individual room. With a Master Remote Control they can switch all off when going to bed.

Why does it take 0.5 second before the light switches on?

The lights are smart and have WIFI communication electronics inside which needs to start-up and to control with possible available Remote controls and or wall mounted Panels. Wait using the Remote Control after this start-up time. Not all lights might have finished the start-up and can be controlled. In that case just switch off and on and wait little longer till all lights are on.

Accordion Panel

After switching on each light sends a unique Identification (ID) to all the available Remote Controls. This is based on First In First Out principle and stored in the Remote Control. The communication is based on the reliable industrial WIFI standard working at 2.4GHZ.

Can I control MiLight from outside my home or office?

es, MiLight products now features holiday control which allows you to easily control your lights from wherever you are in the world providing you that sense of security when you are outside your home or business.

What mobile devices can I use with MiLight?

MiLight is compatible with ALL Android phones and tablets, Apple iPhones, iPods and iPads. 

What voltage does MiLight work on?

MiLight works on 86V - 265V making it suitable for every homes and businesses in the world. 

Will MiLight save me money?

Certainly. MiLights are as low as 6Watts and you save as you dim. And MiLight will last for up to 25 years so you are going to save a lot. MiLight RGB when set to Blue, Orange, Red and Green only uses 3.6Watts. 

Can MiLight be operated with regular wall switch?

Yes, MiLight can also be turned on/off using the wall switch. MiLight will also work if the switch is the 3 way type.

What about Security? Can other people take control of my MiLight lights?

MiLight is secure. The WiFi controller uses standard security settings with encryption packets of WPA2 making only you or authorized person and devices able to control the lights. 

How many MiLights can I connect with one WiFi Controller?

Only one WiFi Controller can be used to control as many MiLights as you like. 

What if I do not own a smartphone?

MiLight also comes with a physical manual remote which can be used to control your lights if you choose not to use a smartphone. MiLight is for everyone. 

Can I use my home or office network (Router)?

Yes, as far as you buy the MiLight WiFi you can join network with the instruction we provide. 

Will the MiLight app drain the battery power on my mobile device?

MiLight app uses very little amount of battery power. We have performed extensive tests on device energy usage during manufacture. 

Can I use Windows or Blackberry phones for MiLights?

MiLight does not work with Windows and Blackberry phones as of yet. However, we are considering making apps for them. 

Do I have to be in range of the WiFi controller box to control my lights or can I do thisremotely?

You will need to be within range of WiFi controller to be able to control the lights. MiLight can also be controlled remotely as long as you have either a 2G, 3G or 4G network on your phone. You can also use the network router at a different location to control MiLight RGBW.

Can more than 1 phone control MiLight?

Yes. Straight out of the box you can connect as many phones as possible.